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Dr. Hess provides many hearing services & has been helping people hear better for 40 years.

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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing Evaluation- including pure tone Air and bone conduction threshold results along with Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Recognition testing. Learn More
  • Tympanometry.
  • Hearing Aid Check- to include those services necessary to ascertain the performance or function of a hearing aid to determine need for repair.
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation- includes those tests, starting with Hearing Evaluation, necessary to determine initial candidacy for hearing aids and with the addition of other physical findings, history and discussion with patient, determining the most appropriate type of hearing aids to fit. Learn More
  • Hearing Aid Fitting- those services needed to ensure good initial fit of new hearing aids both physically and acoustically including counseling necessary for patient familiarity of hearing aid controls, insertion/removal of the hearing aids and what to expect from them acoustically. Learn More
  • Follow-up Fitting Care- scheduled post fitting visits, usually weekly, to resolve any fit related issues and to ensure an acoustically pleasing and effective sound quality with acceptance of  the hearing improvement by the patient.
  • Well Hearing Aid Checks- routine appointments, at least every six months, for purpose of cleaning and checking the hearing aids and retubing ear molds, if needed, along with otoscopic examination to alert patient to any wax build-up problems and to address any other issues the patient may have.
  • Hearing Aid verification and validation protocols- procedures such as Real Ear Measurements and unaided/aided sound field testing help in the overall fitting process.
  • Aural Rehabilitation counseling
  • Impressions for ear molds, custom ear plugs for industry and custom musician’s plugs, (they’re not just for musicians)
  • In office hearing aid repair and modification.