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Dr. Hess provides many hearing services & has been helping people hear better for 40 years.

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We Are Experts In Worker's Commpensation (L&I) Hearing Loss Claims

We have 30 years of experience helping workers (both current and retired) navigate the L&I maze. We can find out whether your company is managed by State L&I or is self insured and if self insured, which third party administrator and provider network is currently handling claims for that company. Provider networks can include Hear PO, AHB, EPIC, Astrum etc. We are credentialed providers with all of these networks.

If you think you may have hearing loss secondary to occupational noise exposure and have questions about how to file a claim or have questions about a claim that’s in the works, call us for the answers you need. We may need to do a little bit of research but we know the people to call to get the answers you need. If you have relocated to Bellingham from another part of the state and have hearing aids from a previous claim, we’d love to become your new provider for service and maintenance on your current hearing aids. If you have a hearing loss that is caused by occupational noise exposure, it is a problem. Let us be part of the solution.

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